Our Services

Apart from providing custom printing, our service offerings thus far encompass end-to-end solutions to cater to the growing demands of clothing, including international sourcing, distribution and storage.

Here at BasicCo, we select and source the finest raw materials around the globe to produce the highest quality garments possible. Sourcing the best materials drives us to create products that are comfortable, stylish and aesthetic in design. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures maximum customer satisfaction while making a mark as a forerunner in apparel industry.

Collaborating with a vast network of logistics companies, our products are distributed to many big corporations and retail outlets all over the country and Singapore. We can respond to mass orders and flexibly accommodate seasonal peaks, with the aim of distributing the finished products in a timely and efficient manner.

Further, our storage service is available to ensure that our products are stored safely from the beginning to the end. Also, our warehouse is mainly catered for clients who need temporary storage before export and distribution.

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