Apparel Industry Forerunner

BasicCo (M) Sdn. Bhd is an established force in the manufacturing, import & export of garments & premium gifts in Malaysia. Our company produce & distribute a wide variety of high quality fashionable garments. Our production site is located in South Centre Malaysia & other countries as well. We produce in various kind of fashionable men, ladies & children garments (polo shirt, round neck tee, jersey, F1 shirt, jacket, pants & trousers, etc. ).

Ready made & custom premium gifts are available for distributing & delivering in short time & special request (umbrella, cap, bag, stationery, drinkware, household items, etc.). All of our products are designed by professional designers. We use the finest & valuable materials, incorporating the most innovative features and carefully inspect every step of production to ensure the quality of products & fulfill the requirements. Our products are supplied to many branded corporations & departmental stores all over the country & Singapore. Besides, we are also specialized in manufacturing & distributing promotional / branded garments & premium gifts for private corporations, government and non-government co-operation. Our production & services are provided as merchandising & advertising tools with the corporate designs or logo. In other words, our products will assist them to create or increase the image, provide more value to end user & attractiveness.