Silkscreen printing is a technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer the ink on the surface of the fabric. It is an economical and effective way for large volume orders of custom made apparel. Colour separations are important during the silkscreen printing process. Simply put, a separate screen is needed for every colour in the design.

DTG Print

DTG is an acronym that stands for Direct To Garment printing. It is an advanced printing method that uses inkjet printing technology, where the printer directly prints the image onto the garment. With DTG, you are able to print any image, colour or design regardless of the complexity. Such digital printing not only produces crisp image but also speeds up the production process with minimized costs associated.

HD Print

When it comes to resolution and vibrancy, HD printing has been a much sought-after choice by customers worldwide. HD printing, as its name implies, a high definition printing that enhances image clarity and richness, capturing even the tiniest colour variations. HD printing works best on virtually any type of material due to its high printing quality and consistency.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is a widely used technique to transfer desired artwork onto garment under high heat. It is an ideal alternative for individual customizations. As such, different names, numbers, logos and the like can be individually customised based on customer’s specific needs and preferences. The imprinted designs are long lasting and without any noticeable loss of colour, even after a few washes.

Dye Sublimation

Sublimation is the popular printing method where the specified design is transferred onto the sublimation paper. By using high temperature, the solid dye particles on the paper will turn into a gaseous state and permanently embed the design onto the fabric. Sublimation is the most preferred printing method used for oversize printing. Besides, it works best with polyester fabrics, leaving the most durable and impressive  finishes.


Embroidery is the process of stitching design, logo or wording on apparel using needle and thread. It is known for its wonderful choice of colours that enable a variety of shapes and pattern to be sewn. Embroidery stitches are used to decorate clothing, giving a dimensional finish that helps to create excellent brand presence and recognition.